Solar farms branded a "waste of money"

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The firm behind a large solar farm in the UK announced that large sites in the countryside like theirs, are an inefficient way of creating electricity.
According to the company, around two thirds of the energy created by one of their large sites is lost when it is transported.
A Television station in the UK interviewed Tim Dobson from Switch 2 Renewable, a solar company and he claimed, the networks can’t rely on renewable energy that goes up and down.

He also claimed that between 4 o’clock and 7 o’clock, when they really need capacity, they rely on other sources.
So, if a major portion of the solar energy is lost when it is transported and it is not reliable during peak times, this raises the question as to WHY so many governments are spending tax payer money supporting grants and giving money to solar developers.
Keep in mind, it is the developer that gets the money from the Government, then many times they will sell the solar farms to another company and many times that will be a company from China.

Since no business can sustain operating at a financial loss for an extended period of time, someone needs to find out WHY these farms are being built, if they will not last for an extended time, if it cost more to build them then they are worth and who is really profiting from having them built all over the world?

Is having solar energy really more important then having food? I ask this because it is impossible to have food and solar power plants on the same area of land. We know we need food, but there are alternatives to throwing money away on solar farms.

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