Tell Congress Not to Rescue Solar Industry

 May 27, 2020    0    
one industry that cannot survive the pandemic and recovery without the continuation — and likel ...

Questions for town/planning board prior to ap ...

 Dec 28, 2020    0    
Questions that residents, county board members and state representatives should address.

Oregon Puts Restrictions on Solar Farms

 Jan 21, 2020    0    
Oregon Adopts Strict Rules for Solar Farms

Regulations Restricting Locations Of Solar Farms

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We are starting a list of locations and the regulations, in hopes our readers will send us addi ...

Government Placing Restrictions To Stop Solar ...

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Finally, some government agencies, are starting to revise their regulations to include updated ...

Solar Panel Inverters Recalled Due To Fire Hazards

 Feb 03, 2020    0    
Delta Electronics has recalled solar inverters due to fire and impact hazards

Campbell County, VA, 1200 Acre Solar Project

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Residents Complain over Campbell County, VA, Road Damage Caused by heavy Machinery going to Sol ...

Why having a solar farm next door is such an ...

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install products that have a history of creating fires and contain toxic hazardous chemicals th ...

Cyber Attacks Against Solar Energy Systems

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Security Flaws In Solar Panels Discovered

I Cried Wolf on Climate Change: Says Michael ...

 Jul 08, 2020    0    
Leading Green Activist Former Time Magazine Hero's of the Environment Claims public was misled

Solar farms branded a "waste of money"

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solar farms waste money energy lost unreliable

Renewable Energy Storage Systems Literally Se ...

 Mar 26, 2021    0    
Giant Lithium Batteries Literally Ready to Explode On Energy Scene

Internet and News Hiding Dangerous Solar Fire ...

 Nov 27, 2020    0    
a fire chief can see one or two solar fires per year, without the news reporting on it. Yet, t ...

Faulty Solar Panels Are Burning Buildings

 Feb 08, 2020    0    
lawsuits over fires started by faulty solar panels

Insurance Report On Solar Panel Fires

 Feb 06, 2020    0    
Article from Insurance groups on the hazzards of solar panel fires.


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Saturday 21 March 2020

Changes to our website.

21 Mar 2020 Comments: 0 Views: 
SR Editor
Posted by SR Editor
Changes to our website.
We are currently in the process of reformatting certain parts of our website and will be posting Helpful News, Petitions, Regulations, Organizations and Attorney links State by State,
as well as another section containing links to OTHER websites and national or international organizations that are sharing the dangers of solar panels or farms.

Therefore, if ANYONE has information about fights going on in their state, organizations, new regulations, (even if they relate to town zoning boards or state regs) or other helpful websites, please send us a private message on facebook and we will give you an email address where you can send updates that we can place on our website, or you can use the contact form on our website.

We are fighting against the government and major corporations such as Google. We NEED to get united and share as much information as possible, in order to protect our farmland, forests, wildlife and the natural God given beauty of this planet.

Greedy politicians don’t care about us, until it is time for us to vote. During the Obama admin, companies were given permission to KILL Bald Eagles and Golden Eagles, in order to provide GREEN ENERGY.

Last month, it was reported a three-member Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, voted to spend in excess of $1 BILLION, for a new high voltage power line and make 12 other states pay the tab by raising their electric bills.

For those of you that use Google Search engines, maps, YouTube or any other of the 400+ companies owned by Google, you are enabling them to continue investing hundreds of millions of dollars PER YEAR into massive solar power plants all over the world.

So, how do we fight against such massive opponents?

One way is by researching the elected individuals in your town, county and state that have voted for regulation that will permit ANY solar farm to be built around residential neighborhoods, on farmland or in forests. IF you do gather any names, please share them with us, so that we can post that information on our website for the whole world to see. Then we need to unit and vote these people out of office.

We HAVE to expose the people that are allowing these farms to be built. One person can not stop this “takeover of farmland or forestland” but united, we can make a difference.

IF we can unite people into voting against EVERY greedy politician that votes for any regulation that enables solar manufactures, installers, or developers to get governments subsidies, we can then try to replace them with elected officials that CARE about the citizens, home values, farmland and forests.

Another way we can stop these solar farms is by working together to share information. Why should millions of people around the world, spend their own time researching the same information?

Our goal at Stop Solar Farms, is to become a clearing house for an entire world, where people are waking up to suddenly discover some company from another part of the world, is installing thousands or millions of solar panels right outside your living room window?

But in order for us to become that clearing house of information, we need volunteers from across the globe to gather local information such as PHOTOGRAPHS of solar panels of farms that have caught on fire, or muddy waterways due to erosion caused by solar panels on hillsides, or solar panels flying through the air due to high winds from a tornado or hurricane, or sadly, even reports of deaths caused by solar panel fires or storm damage.

Folks, we are in the middle of a war for our land. If we don’t fight together TODAY, we may not have a chance next month. Most towns will hide their zoning regulations until (they think) it is too late.

So, we also need an army of volunteers willing to contact local attorneys willing to file lawsuits against zoning boards, solar developers and possibly even state and federal politicians if we can PROVE they are taking money in return for votes.

I will mention one final way to fight. Since attorneys do not come cheap, we need volunteers experienced and willing to start GoFundMe type accounts to help communities and/or individuals fight back.

These accounts may be used to pay for attorneys OR possibly even to help buy the land where some farmer plans on leasing or selling it for the purpose of a solar farm. However, please be advised, any GoFundMe type account we promote, should be set up so the monies go to an Attorney or a non-profit org.

About the Author

SR Editor
Saturday 08 February 2020

Faulty Solar Panels Are Burning Buildings

08 Feb 2020 Comments: 0 Views: 
Bruce Boyett
Posted by Bruce Boyett

The following information should be a warning to ALL individuals considering living next door to a home with solar panels on their roof, installing solar panels on their own home or allowing any solar farms to be built close to a residential area.

As one homeowner said after a solar panel on his house started a fire, “I caution you on using Tesla or any solar company for that matter as while it can certainly save you money it may potentially cost you much much more. To us our family is way more valuable than any amount of money we would ever save.”

Here at Stop Solar Farms, we have shared multiple articles in the past, with documentation on how , solar panel components have CAUSED fires, as well as addressing the hazards of breathing the smoke from those fires, due to the toxic cancer causing agents contained inside the solar panels.

If 7 out of 248 homes in your town, caught on fire because of gas leaks or arson, how safe would you feel? Did you know that Walmart had solar panels catch on fire on 7 out of 248 stores and one of those solar panels started a fire months after the solar panel was de-energized?

How about if 1 out of 11 homes caught on fire, for the same reason? Would that concern you? Did you know that Amazon had the same brand of solar panels catch on fire on 1 out of 11 of their facilities?

But what if the solar company monitors the solar panels?

About five months after his panels had been removed, one homeowner said he heard from the company that is supposed to be monitoring his solar panels .  The homeowner was told his system had been flagged for bad connectors, at which time he responded, “I told them there was no system to maintain because they’d already caused a fire on my roof.”

The solar energy advocates spread tales of solar panels being safe and the National Fire Data Center that keeps statistics on causes of fires within the U.S.A., does not have any records of solar panels causing fires. However FIRES RESULTING FROM SOLAR PANELS ARE NOT DOCUMENTED and are simply classified as "other causes". Fortunately foreign countries such as Germany has documentation of at least 120 FIRES resulting from Solar Panels. The U.K. also has documentation on 80 fires that were started by faulty solar panels, while other countries including Japan have organizations that have investigated fires started by faulty solar panels and/or their components too.

Walmart, Amazon and multiple home owners all had fires as a result of Tesla Solar Panels.

Walmart alleged in court documents that all 248 of their stores that have the Tesla roof solar panels were at risk of fires.

Walmart originally started having solar panels installed on their buildings in 2010. Beginning as early as 2012, several of those stores began experiencing rooftop fires, but the company had written these off as isolated accidents.

However, a string of three fires in as many months was hard to ignore. Walmart then determined the fires originated in the Tesla solar panels. So Walmart asked Tesla to de-activate all of its Walmart solar panels pending an investigation.

One of the seven Walmart store fires resulted in injuries to multiple firefighters and a store employee, plus millions of dollars in damages. Another fire caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, leaving the store closed for eight days.

Local news photographs and videos of one store fires showed a tremendous plume of black smoke emerging from flames as firefighters arrived at the scene and as it has been reported in safety articles by firefighting groups, smoke from certain solar panel fires contains hazardous toxic cancer causing agents.

In May 2018, Walmart suffered two blazes just eight days apart, one in Maryland and the other in California.

Walmart says that by May 2018, Tesla agreed to de-energize the solar systems at all 248 Walmart stores. But even that did not prevent at least two more fires, including one fire that took place months after the solar panel system was de-energized. 

In the case of one fire that took place after the solar panel system was de-energized, “Wires on the store’s rooftop were still sparking at the time that Walmart discovered the fire and could have ignited more extensive flames, with potentially devastating consequences,” the lawsuit states.

After having de-energized the solar panel systems at all 248 Walmart stores in 2018, Tesla went on to carry out safety inspections in 2019, hoping to find a way to re-energize the rooftop installations.

After inspecting just 29 stores, it found 157 items needing replacement or repair, “48 of which Tesla itself characterized as reflecting conditions that rendered the sites unsafe or potentially unsafe.”

Walmart's own follow-up inspections turned up even more problems.

Among the problems Walmart claims to have identified:

  • "Many of the Tesla solar panels inspected by Walmart were suffering from hotspots, resulting in cracking of the back sheets on solar modules and compromising electrical insulation."
  • "Making matters worse, Tesla had flagged or identified hotspots by placing pieces of tape over the affected areas. Because this tape prevented sunlight from reaching the solar panel, it exacerbated the problem by further concentrating heat."
  • "Tesla teams consistently failed to torque or tighten field-made connectors." "The lack of torqueing  leads to moisture and water intrusion."
  • "Sharp points—from, among other items, rough concrete or metal edges—were cutting into or abrading wires. In other cases, temperature changes resulted in the expansion and contraction of wires over time, moving the wires and resulting in their abrasion or exposure.
  • Multiple sites had improper grounding.

Within 90 days after filing this lawsuit, Walmart and Tesla settled, however there were also several other lawsuits against Tesla, and one of them was from Amazon because of one of their warehouses that contained solar panels from Tesla also caught on fire.


It seems that possibly as much as a year before the lawsuits from Walmart, Amazon and (multiple insurance companies that paid for homeowners losses from Solar Panel fires), Tesla had already discovered faulty parts within their panels and had begun a nationwide operation called “Project Titan,” that would quietly replace defective solar panel parts, such as connectors and optimizers. These are components which regulate the amount of energy and heat that flows to a solar panel which ensures that they don’t overheat, which could easily result in a fire.

It was reported that one of the parts Tesla repaired and/or replaced, was made by a company called Amphenol and it seems this same part was commonly used by a variety of solar panel companies, thus making us wonder how many faulty parts from this particular manufacture are still being used and how many more fires and potential lives are at risk.

Be sure to watch this website for additional investigations on the hidden dangers of solar panels, such as lies told about them withstanding 120 mph winds, when there have been reports of them flying through the air with a 60 mph wind. 

We will also be investigating hail damage, solar panels catching on fire while in the water, (electricity and water mixture isn't good), solar power plants killing birds including eagles, solar farms burning over 1,000 acres of land at a time, and the tons of toxic chemicals that will be leached into the ground once they are out of service and thrown in trash heaps instead of recycled.

About the Author

Bruce Boyett
Wednesday 29 January 2020

Solar Farm Fire Burns 1,127 Acres

29 Jan 2020 Comments: 0 Views: 
SR Editor
Posted by SR Editor

On June 5, 2019 a California Solar Farm that burned 1,127 acres, caught on fire because of a BIRD.

According to a California Fire Battalion Chief, the birds wings touch multiple electrical conductors at the same time and they turn into a “light bulb”.

He also said, “It happens all the time.”


The solar farm was partially funded by a $1.24-billion loan guarantee from the U.S. Energy Department.

The fire occurred at a solar farm that uses photovoltaic panels, just like the ones on rooftops and some people wonder how safe homes that are located close to solar farms are, when a fire can consume 1,127 acres of land before it can be put out.

We also found out the “National Fire Data Center” keeps statistics on causes of fires however,

fires resulting from Solar Panels are NOT DOCUMENTED. Instead, those fires are classified as “other.”

Are fires that are started by faulty solar panels, being hidden from citizens of the U.S.A. by the press or the government? We know there is an organization in the UK that is documenting the solar panel components that have been proven to cause fires, but have not found any such documentation within the U.S.A. yet. That is a question we are currently investigating.

About the Author

SR Editor
Friday 26 March 2021

Renewable Energy Storage Systems Literally Setting The World On Fire

26 Mar 2021 Comments: 0 Views: 
Posted by Sara
With the intermittent nature of solar and wind power, the Green Energy Advocates, or Greenies, have been touting the tale that “giant batteries” are what is needed to retain the energy from the daytime peak energy production hours for use during the evening, peak usage hours. Sounds good, right?

These giant batteries would be built using the Lithium technology that Tesla is already using for their electric cars.

It has been reported that there really isn’t a good way to fight a fire caused by an electric car battery explosion an fire. When asked how to extinguish this type fire, one firefighter replied, “ a Tesla or something? The answer is you can’t. You cordon off the area, and spray a fine mist of water on the fire to try to keep the temperature down until it finishes burning. Takes a few days until it is safe”.

There are reports that the more that a battery is recharged, then depleted, and this cycle continues, the greater the risk that the battery could be a fire hazard. This is believed to be the cause of lithium battery fires in South Korea.

Battery Fire1

“Raising serious concerns about the safety of battery storage, investigators into the alarming spate of lithium-ion battery fires in South Korea said one of the primary causes was the practice of using nearly the full charging and discharging battery capacity on a daily basis—a pattern that can roughly correspond with plans by U.S. operators to use storage to shift wind and solar generation to the evening periods of peak demand.” South Korea has had 23 of these battery fires over a year-and-a-half time period.

A global engineering firm investigating these fires confirmed that the constant practice of going from close to zero percent charge to 100 percent charge then back to close to zero percent on a daily basis caused wear and tear on the system that lead to the failures in the battery cells that caused the fires.

We would most probably experience the same results here in America.

Lithium is highly flammable and is the literally the lightest metal. There are only two elements with lower atomic numbers on the periodic table are both gasses. Lithium is so light that it floats on water. That means that it will sit on water and continue to burn.

The fumes from burning Lithium is highly toxic. It can cause death or brain damage that can be compared to dementia. Anyone near this type of fire or in the path of the smoke plume could be in danger. Firefighters near solar panels or these large batteries need specialized training of how to respond and also need the appropriate equipment.

To read more about this frightening situation that the “pro” solar “farms” individuals would promote, click here
To check out a second article, click here

About the Author

Tuesday 23 March 2021

After 30 years of failed Climate Politics, let’s try Science!

23 Mar 2021 Comments: 0 Views: 
Posted by Sara
The following is a partial quote from a very interesting article about the lies told in relation to climate change and how the world will end. If you want to educate yourself on how to combat the lies, I encourage you to read this article and follow the links.

"Each year the climate propaganda campaign has grown larger. Much of this was directed by people seeking to use climate change as a means to gain power and achieve large-scale social change.

At some point, it overshadowed the science, and much of the news became misrepresentations and exaggerations of the science – or outright fiction.
Critics were often met with personal invective. This is like the American tourist in France who speaks English slowly and loudly, hoping to be understood.

Now the climate change campaign has gone full ClownWorld: Greta Thunberg is TIME’s Person of the Year. A 16-year-old who parrots what she has been told.

Parliaments pretend to take her seriously. Climate activists believe we should learn from her.

I and others have documented the rising tide of climate propaganda. Here are a few examples."

To read more, click HERE

About the Author


Wind and Solar Potentially Aren't Climate Cure-Alls

23 Mar 2021 Comments: 0 Views: 
Posted by Sara
What wind and solar energy backers and developers fail to mention, or even acknowledge to themselves, is that no mater how large the wind or solar facility is, renewable energy is not reliable. Solar panels don’t produce energy when the sun doesn’t shine – rain, clouds, dust, fog, smog and nighttime. The same is true of wind power, there isn’t always a breeze.

One of the big problems facing renewable energy, our biggest usage times for energy is in the evening when we cook dinner and watch TV, after the sun goes to bed. Or on overcast days when we stay inside and want to use electrical apparatuses.

Another issue is that in the northern hemisphere when the earth is angled away from the sun, we don’t get the production we need to heat our homes. To meet our needs, we need to have a back up energy solution. At this point, natural gas, nuclear power and hydro power seem to be the cleanest options.

Besides being unreliable, solar and wind use so much land, land that could be producing crops the feed the world, that is now sitting with products that will end up leaching toxic chemicals into our land and water, and that will end up in landfills.

“A study by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change found that to replace Hinkley Point C, a nuclear power plant in Somerset, it would require 130,000 acres of solar farms or  250,000 acres of onshore wind farms, an area roughly the size of Hong Kong.

Considering that Hinkley Point C takes up just 450 acres, the alternatives require between 280-550 times more space for the same capacity.“

To read this entire article, click here

About the Author

Monday 22 March 2021

Food vs Fuel

22 Mar 2021 Comments: 0 Views: 
Posted by Sara
Plans for UK’s largest solar “farm” on “arable” (suitable for farming) land in East Anglia, Sunnica energy farm, has reignited a country wide debate on whether the land should be used to produce Food or Energy. Much of the land is Grade 3 – Good quality Agricultural land.

A farmer who lives nearby said, “The sheer size is community-changing. It will have a massive impact - as an industry we need to ask why this area of quality land should be covered in solar panels?”

“ panels were better suited to brownfield sites, buildings and rooftops – not agricultural land, which should be used for food production.”

A professor who is a Fellow of the Royal Agricultural Society, made the comment, “Land is finite, and whatever you use it for there are trade-offs."

“Sometimes these trade-offs are acceptable and sometimes they are not."

“I have a particular concern about food security – the Sunnica proposal is for land that is very productive.”

To read the entire article, click here

About the Author

Saturday 20 March 2021

Moreau, NY, Planning Board wants farmland protected from solar panels

20 Mar 2021 Comments: 0 Views: 
Posted by Sara
The Town Board and the Planning Board of Moreau, NY,are having trouble coming to an agreement on the rules they want in place when they get their first application for an array of solar panels.

The Town Board doesn’t like the phrase, “banning solar panels on prime farmland.” They think it is too restrictive.

The Planning Board, on the other hand, doesn’t think it is restrictive enough. They think every acre of farmland is valuable, prime soils or not, and that the comprehensive plan should be amended to emphasize farmland protection.

They will be meeting in the future to discuss these opposing views.

To read the article, click here

About the Author

Friday 19 March 2021

North Carolina Lawmakers Warn of Solar Farm Cleanup Costs

19 Mar 2021 Comments: 0 Views: 
Posted by Sara
Seems that the lawmakers in North Carolina have finally become aware that there is nothing in place to address the issue of closure when hundreds of millions of tons of solar farm materials containing hazardous substances from solar facilities wear out.

A spokesperson for the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association admitted that NO state has a solar decommissioning regulation.

A Department of Environment and Natural Resources spokesperson said solar solid waste is “an issue we are becoming aware of” as solar projects boom, likely due to the tax credit. The DENR also acknowledged concerns about the disposal of millions of pounds of solar panels, a number that is expected to increase by three to four-fold, plus.

The DENR officials stated that they “don’t have the data yet” on effects of herbicides sprayed on the solar farms to keep weeds and grass from blocking the panels, or how to return land to productive use once solar projects are removed.

To read the entire article, click here

About the Author


The Real Reason You Don't Hear Neighbors Complain About Solar Farms

19 Mar 2021 Comments: 0 Views: 
SR Editor
Posted by SR Editor
The Real Reason You Don't Hear Neighbors Complain About Solar Farms is because they are bing paid to keep quiet.

There have been reports of Solar Developers paying individuals as much as Fifty Thousand Dollars to keep quiet and not complain about having a Solar Development built in the neighborhood.

This is NOT just rumor.

The document below is a copy of the EXACT document being used in Wisconsin.
As we are able to obtain additional documents, we will be sharing them also.

This Neighbor Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made as of this ___ day of ___________,
2020 (the “Effective Date”), by and between ONION RIVER SOLAR, LLC, a Wisconsin limited liability company (“Onion River”) and *****
1. Owner owns the residential property located at ****, identified by Parcel Identification Number 000000000 (the “Property”).
2. Onion River intends to study, develop and use certain property identified by Parcel Identification Number 00000000000 (the “Project Property”), which Project Property is adjacent to the Property, for a solar project (collectively, the “Project”).
3. Owner has agreed to cooperate with Onion River’s development, construction, and operation of the Project in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein.
4. The Owner is eligible for this Agreement because Onion River, LLC has determined that the Project Property is located on two or more sides of the Owner’s residential Property.
NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:
1. Cooperation. Owner shall fully support and cooperate with Onion River’s development, construction, and operation of the Project, including in Onion River’s efforts to obtain from any governmental authority or any other person or entity any environmental impact review, permit, entitlement, approval, authorization, or other rights necessary or convenient in connection with the Project. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, in connection with any application by Onion River for a governmental permit, approval, authorization, entitlement or other consent related to the Project, Owner agrees not to oppose, in any way, whether directly or indirectly, any such application or approval at any administrative, judicial, or legislative level.
2. Consideration. All terms in this Section 2 shall be subject to Owner complying with this Agreement. Onion River shall pay Owner a signing payment of Two Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($2,000.00) within 45 days after the Effective Date. Within 45 days of the date when Onion River begins construction of vertical improvements for the Project and is diligently pursuing construction of the Project (such date being the “Construction Commencement Date”), Onion River shall pay Owner a one-time additional payment of Fifteen Thousand Dollars and 00/100 ($15,000.00).
3. Merger. This Agreement, including any exhibits attached hereto, contains the entire agreement between the parties in connection with any matter mentioned or contemplated herein, and all prior or contemporaneous proposals, agreements, understandings and representations, whether oral or written, are merged herein and superseded hereby. No modification, waiver, amendment, discharge or change of this Agreement shall be valid unless the same is in writing and signed by the party against whom the enforcement thereof is sought
4. Confidentiality. Owner shall hold in confidence all information related to this Agreement and the Project (collectively, the “Confidential Information”). Owner shall not use any such Confidential Information for its own benefit, publish or otherwise disclose such Confidential Information to others, or permit the use of such Confidential Information by others for their benefit or to the detriment of Onion River. Owner may disclose Confidential Information to brokers, accountants and attorneys so long as such parties agree to not disclose the Confidential Information.
5. Attorney’s Fees and Costs. Each party shall be responsible for their own costs and attorneys’ fees in the event there is a dispute over this Agreement.
6. Governing Law. This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Wisconsin.
7. Counterparts. It is anticipated that this Agreement will be executed in counterparts. This Agreement will, therefore, be binding upon each of the undersigned upon delivery to counsel for the parties of two or more counterparts bearing all required signatures.
8. Successors and Assigns. All provisions of this Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of Onion River and Owner, and their respective successors, assigns, heirs, and personal representatives. Onion River may freely assign its rights and obligations under this Agreement without Owner’s prior written consent; provided, however, that any such assignee is an owner or operator of the Project.
(Signatures on following page)
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused this Agreement to be executed and delivered by their duly authorized representatives as of the Effective Date.
ONION RIVER SOLAR, LLC, a Wisconsin limited liability company
Printed Name:
Printed Name: *****

About the Author

SR Editor
Thursday 18 March 2021

Campbell County, VA, 1200 Acre Solar Project

18 Mar 2021 Comments: 0 Views: 
Posted by Sara
Campbell County, VA, has issued six stop-work orders since June of 2020 to an AZ-based engineering and construction firm building a solar farm.

Besides that, there have been 26 notices of violations.

Residents are filing complaints against the county, Dept of Transportation and Dept of Environmental Quality over the road conditions in the area. The road used for trucks going to the construction site has potholes, the shoulders are damaged and the road is constantly muddy.

The Environmental Manager stated that the size of the project is probably to blame. The project is on 1,200 acres of land and about 600 to 700 acres will become a solar field.

To read the entire article, click here

About the Author

Thursday 11 March 2021

Lead in Perovskite Solar Cells

11 Mar 2021 Comments: 0 Views: 
Posted by Sara
Lead in Perovskite Solar Cells

This is an interesting study concerning the environmental impact of lead in perovskite solar cells, a photovoltaic technology that has attracted significant attention recently owing to its excellent performance and promise of lower cost compared to conventional and other alternatives. It is of note because it explores the impact on plants of the use of lead in such solar cells and provides evidence that this is something that should be considered with great care.

Prof Christos Markides, Head of the Clean Energy Processes (CEP) Laboratory in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, said:

“Concerns relating to the widespread deployment of lead-based perovskite solar cells have been raised for some time, given that these toxic materials are soluble in water, so contamination can lead to environmental but also health issues once they enter the food chain.

“I would consider it a bold assumption that the entire lead content of a solar panel is being dispersed to the ground below, however the study demonstrates that we may need to conduct further testing to fully understand the impact of these materials on our environment, especially over large areas and long periods of deployment. In parallel to this, research into (lead-free) tin-based perovskite solar cells has been on-going to provide alternatives, but these have not yet shown the level of performance achieved with lead. In either case, non-trivial stability issues remain that act to limit the lifetime of such panels. With the growing need and continuing trend to secure our energy from renewable sources, and especially given the important role of solar energy, it is vital that further research is done on these and other technologies to overcome challenges and to ensure that these are affordable, safe and sustainable."

We should be worried about lead in halide perovskites by Junming Li et al. was published in Nature Communications at 4pm UK TIME on Tuesday 21 January 2020.

About the Author

Sunday 14 February 2021

Solar Panels Blanketed in Snow - Germany Turns To Coal

14 Feb 2021 Comments: 0 Views: 
SR Editor
Posted by SR Editor
During the twenty-year period that Germany increased the amount of energy coming from renewable sources, the Germans paid a hefty price For example, the average cost of electricity for German households has doubled since 2000.

By 2019, households had to pay 34 U.S. cents per kilowatt-hour, compared to 22 cents per kilowatt-hour in France and 13 cents in the United States, according to data from IEEE Spectrum.

That’s not all. This year, the coldest weather in a decade arrives in western Europe. Bitter cold and snow sweep across western Europe including Germany, Great Britain, and France. Germany faces a sober reality as millions of its solar panels are blanketed in snow and ice and breathless.

The freezing weather has rendered its 30,000 wind turbines to idleness. It is not just the wind turbines. Solar panels covered with snow are also rendered useless. You may call it “coal comfort” as a total collapse in the wind and solar output leaves freezing Germans desperate for coal-fired power.

“In 2000, the country derived nearly 84 percent of its total primary energy from fossil fuels; this share fell to about 78 percent in 2019. If continued, this rate of decline would leave fossil fuels still providing nearly 70 percent of the country’s primary energy supply in 2050.”

Harald Schwarz, professor of power distribution at the University of Cottbus, went straight to the point saying:
“With this supply of wind and photovoltaic energy, it’s between 0 and 2 or 3 percent – that is de facto zero. You can see it in many diagrams that we have days, weeks, in the year where we have neither wind nor PV.

Especially this time for example – there is no wind and PV, and there are often times when the wind is very miniscule. These are things, I must say, that have been physically established and known for centuries, and we’ve simply totally neglected this during the green energies discussion.”

So what’s the plan for the future? The reporter went on to say that Germany will have to rely more on natural gas from Russia, coal power from Poland, and nuclear power from France.

Translated text from German Video.

The hidden sun prevents photovoltaics from allowing any air movement. Wind turbines are in place regenerative winter rest for all our electricity comes first from the Lausitz power plants which also run 100% from coal.

Sun and wind can’t afford it. Now, we’re replacing it completely with black ones (dirty fossil fuels).

Read the entire story at:
Tags: None

About the Author

SR Editor
Tuesday 19 January 2021

Corrupt Solar Group Exposed

19 Jan 2021 Comments: 0 Views: 
SR Editor
Posted by SR Editor
The following article is an example of corruption by government officials and greedy business executives. But is also details how investigators and/or real journalists from a "News Organization" discovered the corruption and eventually the DA's office got involved.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office launched simultaneous raids on at least half a dozen homes and offices this week as part of a corruption probe into a failed solar project that cost the City of Industry $20 million and left taxpayers with nothing to show for it.

The district attorney’s Bureau of Investigation served search warrants across Southern California on Wednesday morning, Aug. 12, with investigators hitting homes in Whittier, Cerritos, La Jolla and at least one office in Los Angeles. The figures swept up in the raids include former state Sen. Frank Hill, businessman William Barkett and Industry’s former city manager, Paul Philips, among others.

The Cordoba Corp., a major development firm that oversaw the proposed project for Industry, also was raided, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

A Southern California News Group investigation in 2017 found numerous erroneous and questionable billings submitted to the city by San Gabriel Valley Water and Power, a company set up by Barkett and Hill. The spending included more than $100,000 in invoices on the letterhead of a law firm that had shut down a year before the work occurred.

Hill, a former state senator previously convicted on corruption charges in the 1990s, wielded extensive influence behind the scenes in Industry after he helped a new majority secure seats on the City Council during a tumultuous election in 2015. Court filings indicate the Whittier Republican, who by his own admission brought the solar project to Industry, owned a stake in San Gabriel Valley Water and Power through another company, Mojave Green Power LLC.

At the same time, he collected monthly payments indirectly from Industry as a consultant for the Cordoba Corp., a contractor hired by the city to oversee its investment in the proposal.

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Saturday 16 January 2021

Request for Writers and journalists

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SR Editor
Posted by SR Editor
Due to the main stream media and big tech controlling the news and information that Americans are allowed to see or read, there are a number of new websites popping up. Some of those websites are currently looking for Volunteer Citizen Journalist and/or opinion writers.

Even though many of these start ups are much smaller then the more established websites, some of them have started linking together with other conservative Christian websites, in order to share news stories and articles.

This “sharing” or linking up with other websites, not only helps the newer and smaller websites gain a larger audience without having to depend totally on Google or other left wing corporations, it also gives their Volunteer Writers more exposure and name recognition by sharing their articles on multiple platforms instead of just one location.

if you like posting comments on social media or the comment section of news sites and would like additional information on volunteering to write news articles or opinion pieces, in order to help educate Americans on how and why they should work together in order to help preserve their freedoms and Democracy,
then please use our contact form in order to reach out to our Admin.

The current topics these websites are dealing with at this time include but are not limited to:

Bikers Helping Bikers
Exposing Antifa
Exposing BLM
Exposing Election Fraud
Exposing Fake Media Lies
Exposing Political Corruption
Fighting Big Tech
Fighting Communism
Fighting Solar Projects
Fighting Wind Projects
Motorcycle Riding Tips and Experiences
Preserving American History
Preserving American Values
Preserving Family Histories and Memories
Preserving Local Town Histories
Preserving Religious Freedoms

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Thursday 31 December 2020

Solar farm proposed for toxic Southeast Side industrial site

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Posted by Sara
Dec 29, 2020

The Cook County Land Bank is in talks to lease land for up to 35 years on part of the massive former Acme coke operation.

A portion of a massive toxic industrial site on the Southeast Side is being considered for a future home to a solar farm.
The Cook County Land Bank Authority has taken title to land near East 114th Street and South Torrence Avenue, clearing the property’s back taxes in hopes of drawing a solar operation on about 36 acres, a spokesman said Tuesday.

The property is part of a sprawling former site of the former Acme coke operation, which has been dormant for years. The land bank wants to lease the land to California solar company SunPower for up to 35 years. A lease-option agreement is being drafted, and the company will have two years to decide if it wants to enter into a long-term lease.

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Monday 28 December 2020

Questions for town/planning board prior to application approval/denial of a commercial solar project.

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The document below was originally offered to one person that is trying to protect their community when the town council voted to approve a disastrous solar project that removed over thirty crop producing farms and bordered in excess of 80 homes and buildings, in favor of a solar developer that had no experience in building a solar project.

Since it seems like many states and counties either don't care about their citizens and taxpayers or are just uninformed, we are providing a list of questions that EVERY elected or appointed official that is responsible for rules or regulations overseeing any type of solar development, should read and act on.

We are publishing the entire list here in a PDF format so that it can be printed out and mailed to your local representatives.

We also want to give credit to Lynne Bruning and other members of the Stop Solar Farms Facebook Group and message board members for their contributions to this list.

Click the link below to read this list.
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Sunday 29 November 2020

New No Solar or Wind Website

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Posted by Sara
November 1, 2020
Announcement of New Website

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new website dedicated to stopping solar and wind projects all around the world.

If you are fighting to stop one site, you can share your knowledge with other fighters, in order to help them. As such, this new site NEEDS your help in this fight. Please do whatever you can in order to help THEM, help others.

Since this is a new site, they are still looking for individuals to share any problems or suggestions that will increase the capabilities and efficiency of the site, including any problems incurred when using a mobile device or other smaller screens, as well as suggestions for new topics and forums.

If you are willing to help, please:
1: Go to: and sign up as a user.

2: You can pick your own name OR just use a screen name OR use two accounts, one with each name.

3: Once you are logged in, anytime you find a news story revealing any facts about the dangers or hidden truths of solar and wind projects, please post a link to them in the NEWS forum of the site. It would also be nice to have one or two paragraphs from the news story as a “leader” but that is not required if you don’t want to add it.

4: You can also post a small image in the news forum with the story, if you want to attache one, but it is not required.

5: If you are engaged in a fight against a solar or wind project in your community, please go to the community message boards for your geographical area OR use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page to ask them to create a forum just for your area. Then post any information you care to share about your fight, especially your location, the number of acres, before OR after images if available and any other information you are willing to share.

6: If you are willing to become a moderator and help police the board from lies being posted by pro solar or wind people, they would encourage you to use the “contact” form if you are not logged in as a member.

Keep in mind, the solar and wind industry is trying to make their millions of dollars regardless of the consequences to our homes, land or even the planet. They are united with many organizations, lobbyists and governments willing to support them, so unless we also get united, they will take over every acre of land they want and in turn we will lose our homes and freedom. So if you don’t stand together and fight now, by the time you see how massive this takeover of our lands is, it might be to late.

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Saturday 28 November 2020

Think Before Placing Solar on Farmland

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This is part of a great commentary by a retired farmer.

Large-scale solar arrays have the potential of taking thousands upon thousands of acres out of agricultural production nationwide. In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced $1.5 billion in grants and incentives for large-scale solar arrays developed in New York. Taxpayers are now funding both farmland protection and solar developments that will remove thousands of acres from agricultural production.

In what universe does it make sense to spend taxpayer dollars to preserve valuable farmland, and at the same time we are spending taxpayer dollars to convert valuable farmland to other uses? What is even more troubling is the fact that the solar developers choose to use our best croplands for their projects.

The conversion of these highly productive soils will cause a shift of food production to less-productive lands. This will require more acreage, more fuel, more fertilizer, more seed, more pesticides, more water and more labor to produce the same amount of food and fiber. Add to this the fact that the world will need 50% to 70% more food and fiber in 30 years and we have a real problem.

This leads to another environmental issue: If we continue to develop our best cropland, where will our food and fiber come from? Will this accelerate the conversion of South American rainforest and African savannah to cropland? Will the more fragile, highly erodible land in our country that has been taken out of production be converted back to cropland? Will our forest land be returned to agricultural production as it was in the 19th century? What value do we place on our natural, wild, undeveloped lands for human, mental and physical well-being?

You can read the entire article HERE:

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